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A Truly Alternative Society

People are being prepared for what is coming: a new society. There is talk about a new world
order. Does this mean that the order in which power is distributed throughout society will be
changed? Does it mean that people who currently have no say in world matters will be given that
power? What does ‘a new world order’ really mean? What’s new about it? All I see is that the people
who have the power right now are working hard towards establishing this new world order. The
same people who decide the rules right now are the ones who are going to deliver this new world
order. I wonder how ‘new’ I am going to feel.

If we are looking for a new society, a new way of living together, then we should in the first
place consider how the current society is structured, what the main features are, and only then can
we look for alternatives. Real alternatives.

A society is defined as the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered
community. Basically, when people live together there must be rules that order the flow of life. The
main purpose of these rules is twofold. First it minimises the number of clashes as people will know,
in advance, how things are done within that society. And secondly it establishes an authority who
sets out and controls the rules that each member of that society has to conform to. This means that
the authority decides on the rules and all others must follow otherwise they will disrupt the basis on
which the society has been built. So the authority decides what is ‘best’ and they have to convince
everyone else that it will be best for everybody. Once this has been established, everybody has to
work for this believed ‘common good’. This type of society establishes a division between its
members and its authority, no matter who this authority is or how it came into power. The authority
rules the society. How does it do this and how does it maintains its position of power?

Rules of conduct, of human behaviour, need to be put in place in all aspects of life. At all
levels of human interaction rules are needed in order to avoid constant conflict situations, which will
stop society from functioning. In effect, it will undermine, destabilise and finish the society. People
will no longer be able to live together in an orderly manner. When there are no rules there is no way
to predict the outcome of human interactions, which means that everything is possible. But if you
don’t know what the result is going to be then you cannot use this result to do anything else with.
You can’t build a usable house if you have no idea what any of the builders will do with the bricks. So
how does the authority ensure the functionality of a society? By decreeing rules.

It sets up various systems of rules that cover all aspects of life. The aim is to prescribe how
everybody should behave in all possible circumstances of life. It decides what is ‘good’ and what is
‘bad’ for everybody. Let’s take a look at these systems.

  •  Media – They need a way to convey their decisions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to the

members of the society. They not only need to let them know what they have
decided but they also need to convince them that it is the right decision, the right
way to organise things. So they need to advertise their point of view, repeat it over
and over again until it becomes ‘the norm’. Acceptance of rules made by an authority
is crucial in the functioning of a society.


  •  Education – Convincing the population, and keeping them convinced, becomes a lot

easier if you let them grow up with the ideas you use in order to control the society.
So the authority organises a compulsory educational system for all children to plant

their decision of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ in the very young. They will grow up not even
realising that there might be other ways of looking at life, other evaluations of ‘good’
and ‘bad’.


  •  Judiciary – The authority sets up a system that oversees the behaviour of the

members of society and punishes the failures to comply with their rules. It helps to
force the population into compliance by setting examples for what the fate is for
those who are being judged, by that authority, not to behave according to the rules
of that authority. The result is that, for an easy life, the members ‘do as they are


  •  Working Systems – In order to ensure that the common good, as defined by the

authority, is being achieved the authority sets up various systems in which members
of the society are obliged to work.

→ Industry: produces common goods
→ University: produces common thoughts
→ Religion: produces common beliefs
→ Healthcare System: produces common (public) health


  • Confusion and Division – The authority needs to divide the population into smaller

groups with different aims and different operational requirements. This allows them
to convey a different understanding of ‘the common good’ to each of these groups.
They will now all focus and work in different, and in many circumstances even
opposing, manners ‘to achieve’ the common goal. Examples of this we see in the
need to produce more and more electricity, while at the same time we shouldn’t
pollute nature or use the natural resources that are available to us. A prime example
of this is the conviction that nuclear power is a clean energy while in fact its waste
products destroy life for many thousands of years. We see it in the rule that allows
personal freedom, personal privacy, personal opinion, while at the same time one is
not to do or say, or even think, anything that anybody who strictly obeys the
authority rules may find offensive.

You may get the impression that a society, and establishing a society, is a very complex
structure. Making such a society function properly is equally complex as every individual and every
circumstance and every moment in time may require a different approach. Obviously a society where
an authority decides what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ cannot provide rules of conduct for each
situation an individual may find himself in. On top of that, life changes all the time too. Things don’t
remain the same and what seemed reasonable yesterday may no longer be appropriate today. For
this reason the authority keeps changing the goal posts. So you can imagine what a challenge it is for
any authority to keep convincing the population they are making the right decisions when they
constantly keep changing their decisions.

In order to remedy this problem the authority devises a system whereby it appears as if
members of the population themselves make the decisions. Hence there will always be somebody
from within the population to blame for failings and mishaps of the system of society itself. Once the
authority has educated the population in their way of thinking they can ‘hand over’ the wheel to
some individuals of the best educated, the best trained, amongst the elite. On the whole they will
execute exactly what they have come to know as the common good. When the authority wants to
change direction or finds that another individual becomes more suited to the task in hand they
simply create a scandal or a disaster of some sort to shift the balance and to shift public opinion
away from how it was to what they now want it to be. And because the authority has divided society
into various different groups they can easily upset the balance between those groups by making
slight alterations through the focus of the media, through allowing complaints and dissatisfaction
within certain groups to surface, through creating new rules and new laws.

To the authority, it is not only very important that the population believes it runs itself, that it
has the freedom to establish its own rules, but also that individuals are only aware of restrictions put
upon them by their fellow citizens, not by the authority. It ensures that all fighting that erupts will be
conducted between individuals within a group of society and between various groups of that society.
Blaming each other of any inconvenience caused will keep the authority out of sight. As long as
people blame the pharmaceutical industry for problems in the healthcare system the people who
organise and run the industry, the people who hold the power over society, remain untouched,
unblemished. As long as people blame the drug cartels for ruining people’s lives the people who
create the mental desert that humans live in, which leads to people looking to escape their reality,
remain untouched, unblemished. And to ensure that the society that has been created with all its
divisions and various differing groups does not break up into those various fractions, the authority
uses the following message constantly and in all places and circumstances: We’re in this together.
Together we can overcome this problem. Apparently we can only find real solutions to the problems
of society if we all stick together. And the only way we can do that, the only way we know how to do
that, is by complying with the rules of the authority.

Let’s state these points very clearly.


You live in a free country when you follow the rules of that country. You are not
allowed to choose your country. The country owns you.

You are free to make your own decisions if you follow the rules of the authority.

As a human you have been given rights by an authority. These rights are removed
when the authority deems it necessary.

The authority decides what is the common good. Interfering with this idea of the
common good will result in punishment.

The authority takes care of all basic needs of your personal individual life.


  •  Food industry

  •  Power industry (gas – oil – electricity – alternative sources)

  •  Health industry (pharma – research laboratories – technology – care centres

– universities – birth control – death control)

  •  Conflict industry (army – war industry – technology – propaganda – secrecy)

  •  Conflict resolution (police – court – laws – re-education programmes)

  •  Economy: all work for the authority (taxes) who promises to take care of

each individual for all his needs (work – free time – entertainment)

  •  Education: the authority provides ‘appropriate’ education for all (schooling –

skills training – retraining courses)

What conclusions can we draw from this analysis?


  •  You are free to choose from the specific possibilities the authority allows you to

choose from – Choosing is obligatory.

  •  The only right you truly possess is the right to serve the authority.


  •  The authority decides what is good for everyone, what is best for everyone and when

to change it.

  •  The authority removes all individual knowledge and skills and replaces it with

knowledge and skills the society requires – It is not allowed to be an individual except
in the entertainment industry where non-conformism and extremism is being
encouraged and glorified. This forms the seed to confuse individuals within the
society as to what is acceptable and what is not.

  •  To remain in power the authority must divide the population as much as possible,

keep the population confused and get them to organise themselves into groups
around single issues. Such groups will consist of people from all walks of life who
have no life in common. Disagreements on these single issues between members of

the society will lead to arguments between themselves. It will divide the population
and will require an expert, the authority, intervention.

  •  The authority has to ensure that they are in charge of all those groups (appoint

experts – form investigative committees).

  •  The authority has to control the information stream (media – news – internet).

  •  The authority needs to know what is brewing within the population in order to pre-empt possible problems for the authority (data collection about income, spending,

job, hobbies, travel, what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, whom you
communicate with).

It must be obvious now that setting up a society and running one is very complex. Imagine
the largest corporation you know and the complexity of a society is at least tenfold. You can only
successfully run a society when you are able to control all aspects of that company. You need to
know everything. You need to control everything. You need to have a solution for everything. You
need to ensure that your personnel is not wise enough to know how you run the company, that they
have no power to intervene, that you are able to make them comply at all times and under all
circumstances and that they cannot leave the company.

I am sure that, if you think about it for a while, you can come up with some names for such a
construction other than a company or a corporation. But there is still a little more to consider.

We have the impression that there are many different forms of society on the planet, based
on differences in culture and political systems. However, they all exist on the same basis. There is a
ruling faction and there are subjects. There are many rules, decreed by the authority, for people to
follow. There is punishment in failing to do so. The same structural systems can be found in all those
examples of a society. The purpose of those systems is the same in every one of those societies. And
more recently we have noticed that they all use the same language to express the same goals, using
the same methods to achieve those goals. And that I find strange.

People are different. They are different as individuals but they are also different in culture.
Traditional cultures arose from the different conditions people live in. The climate, the richness of
the land, access to water and food, and the fact that groups of people have lived separated from
each other for a long time in history, which means that they all have evolved differently, finding
different solutions to similar problems. However, today all nations are built in the same way on the
values of economy, trade, education, finances, policing, and they declare the same solutions to
internal problems each of those so-called different societies may be facing. It very much appears as if
all societies we identify in the world are all part of one bigger society.

Everything that seems to matter nowadays is international and global, stretching far beyond
any national borders and disregarding the various cultures. And this is well organised too. There are
organisations, in effect systems of a society, that formulate and enforce rules that nations are
obliged to, in many cases gladly offering to, adhere to. The national authorities have been enticed in
the belief that there is great benefit in a globalisation of society. They have been well trained to be
leaders and to execute what they have learned. There are global organisations for all the major
systems of a society as we discussed before.

→ Animals – the World Wildlife Fund, the International Fund for Animal Welfare …
→ Children – UNICEF, Global Fund for Children, Save the Children International …
→ Economy – World Economic Forum, World Trade Organisation, the Organisation for
Economic Co-operation and Development …
→ Banking – World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Bank for International
Settlements, the International Finance Corporation …

→ Health – World Health Organisation, Doctors Without Borders, Gavi the Vaccine
Alliance …
→ Education – ALPHA Education, Global Campaign for Education …
→ Policing – Interpol, United Nations Police, United Nations Security Council, NATO,
Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, International Court of Justice …
→ Government – United Nations, European Union, World Trade Organisation,
International Monetary Fund …
→ Earth – Global Alliance on Health and Pollution, International Union for Conservation
of Nature, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Environmental Protection
Agency …

Every single system that is required to run a society has a global equivalent. Now I hope you
don’t believe that such massive organisations, with enormous logistical as well as funding problems
having to coordinate and communicate the world all over, just happen to see the light of day by
sheer chance. These organisations are planned, organised and financed by those who can and who
know they will benefit enormously from their huge investment of time, energy and money. They
need this next step in the development of society to ensure even greater influence on the activities
and the lives of their subjects. They have created, step by step and with the approval of the
population in the belief it is for their own good, all the systems that are required for a society
governed on a global scale. They are not simply joining up all existing societies. They are transforming
them into a, for them, more manageable structure, a more profitable structure. Less work, more
control. Less diversity, more benefits.

So maybe the new world order is not a new, as in a different, order in the world but rather a
new world put in an orderly fashion that is very different from what it used to be. A global society has
never been done before. Throughout human history there has been attempts to rule the ‘known
world’ by occupation and military force and although that is nowadays still a part of it, the main
thrust of the endeavour goes beyond the need for physical occupation. The authority has occupied
the minds of the people and fixed and regulated their ordinary lives in such a way they have no
recourse against the systems that have been put in place for them and to which they gladly
contributed, voted for and worked for. You simply don’t bite off the hand that feeds you!

It seems to me that the structure of society itself is responsible for the following

→ No authority has ever lasted. There has always been dissatisfaction amongst some
parts of the population with the authority ruling them.
→ We fight our enemies in order to create peace. War doesn’t turn enemies into
→ We fight for rights we want the authority to give us. In doing so we have already
recognised the authority as our master. At any time the authority can take any given
rights away, because we have given them that authority to do so.
→ We fight for freedom. In doing so we create more division and conflict because we
deny others the freedom to see things differently. All this results in more restrictions
‘to protect’ our freedom against the freedom of others.
→ We fight diseases to become healthy. Treatments for diseases improve all the time,
as the medical authorities claim, but the population becomes more ill decade after
decade, less able to work, needing more and more, not less and less, treatment.
→ We fight for the preservation of life. And yet we encourage abortions on the
assumption that otherwise life wouldn’t be good.
→ We fight for the preservation of life. And yet we encourage euthanasia on the
assumption that human beings do not need certain experiences in life, even though it
is only through experiencing that humanity will learn.

→ We fight for truth. In doing so we have decided that certain messages, certain ideas,
certain discoveries are not worthy to be heard and to be considered as possible
truths. The authority has created experts who decide for us what is true.
→ We fight to be self-sufficient. As a society we are told to become more self-sufficient,
which means the individual needs to contribute to that process, ignoring his own
need to sustain his own and his family’s life.

I would conclude from this that we are fighting our way to disaster. None of those goals can
ever be achieved by waging war. And every authority ruling individuals, which per definition is an
authoritarian regime, needs to and will empower itself, not the individual.

My goodness. Can there really be an alternative? First of all, what is an alternative? It is in
fact ‘a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of
action, the selection of which precludes any other possibility’. The Britannica adds that alternative
refers to ‘not usual or traditional’ and even ‘existing or functioning outside the established society’.
So there is a recognition here that an alternative to the existing society does exist but that it is to be
found outside the established society. Inside the authoritarian society we have a variety of choices in
which way the authority is established (democracy, communism, fascism, etc.), but once there is an
authority organising a society, the way it actually is being organised follows the same pattern, as
described above.

So a real alternative to an authoritarian society should exist. If we don’t have an authority
telling the individual what he can and cannot do then it must be the individual himself who decides
all of that. Let’s explore that thought a little further.
What are we scrapping when there is no outside authority ruling the individual?


  • No centralised government

  • No judiciary

  • No constitutional law

  •  No enforced group identity (nationality, religion, …)

  •  No formal education

  • No large scale production

  •  No formal healthcare

  •  No monetary system

  •  No wide spread media

Basically, to be a real alternative nothing that gives power to an organisation over an
individual should be part of the new alternative structure. Let’s look at what that should mean for
the individual.

  • Take full responsibility for own feelings, thoughts, words and deeds

  • Resolve all conflicts he is embroiled in

  • At any given moment in time able to decide freely (his education, what’s right andwrong, what to believe, how to respond to situations, what makes him ill, who hewants to share his life with, …)

  • Decide freely to what group he wants to belong to and how long for

  • Take care of his own health

  • Take care of his own education and that of his children

  • Donates his goods and services to others for free

  • Receives goods and services from others for free

  • No obligation to his environment other than his free choice engagement

Do you get the feeling that individuals, free from restraints, will pull in every direction
possible? Indeed they would. That means that the world population is not united in anything. An
authority-lead structured society has a well-defined form, restricted as it may be, and a functional
format, equally very restrictive. However, it is recognisable and therefore an individual can adapt to
it rather than having to figure it all out for himself. He doesn’t need to solve his problems or those of
the group. Following orders awards one with an ease and a sense of security. It relieves one from
being responsible for any outcome. Follow the protocol and you are in the clear, we will protect you.
Not having instruction on what to do when, on what direction to take, will result in everyone making
up their own mind at that time. This outcome is generally known as ‘chaos’.

It turns out that every form of society, every form of living together, including any possible
alternative one, requires a structured format. How much hope do we have left to find an alternative
to an authoritarian regime? How else can life be structured?

Life itself, however, does have a formal framework. Life occurs inside Nature, is a part of
Nature. Every lifeform is limited in its structure by Nature itself, and within every species every
individual is limited in its structure even further. Nature also determines the rules by which each
species and each individual within that species conducts himself. They all follow the rules laid down
by Nature. There is no escaping from this. There is no alternative to the way Nature has organised
life, especially not within Nature itself, and life outside of Nature doesn’t exist on this planet. Equally,
within our authoritarian society there is no real alternative possible within the structure of such a
society. So what would happen if we replace a human authoritarian society by a Natural
authoritarian society?

  • The same rules of Nature apply to everybody – the Laws of Nature

  • Every single lifeform has intrinsic power to keep itself alive for as long as possible

  • Every species has intrinsic power to survive for as long as possible

  • Everything has a specific purpose, happens for a reason, while nothing in itself can bedetermined to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it is only energies interacting

  • Every single specimen of every species has a life that contributes essential knowledgeand experiences to the development of the species, which in turn contributes to the

  • development of Nature as a whole

  • Every single life is different from every other life and yet they are all equally

  • important to the development of Nature

  • Nature doesn’t have a written constitution. Life itself is an expression of the

fundamental laws, the constitution, of Nature

A Nature-lead society requires a complete alternative knowledge in order to be able to
organise a completely different structure and format in line with the Laws of Nature. In the first place
it would be good if we could have some idea as to what Nature’s constitution entails. If you want to
know you will have to study it. Where? In Nature. How? By not interfering with Nature one can learn
what Nature does and how it does it.

There is some good news for the poor individual who wants to embark on this journey and at
the same time will have to cope with all every day survival problems of life itself and to cope with the
existing authoritarian regime that controls and limits his possibilities to do so. The main thing an
individual needs to get to know is how life truly operates within his own living conditions, in a natural
manner. An Eskimo doesn’t need to know what life is like on the equator. First we study those
aspects of life that manifest in our own life. Later, if we are interested, we can study life itself as a
whole so we become able to formulate more of those Natural Laws.

So, in your own life, you observe the effects of your feelings, thoughts, words and deeds on
your immediate environment and on your inner peace. Know that your body is a physical

manifestation of your inner emotional and psychological balance. Hence, everything your body
expresses has a direct relationship with how your life has been built and how you experience its
efficient or not so efficient functionality. It never lies. Your physical ease or unease in all living
situations is an expression of your inner state at that time under those circumstances. It basically tells
you how your personal human structure is responding to life as it is happening to you. Natural truth
and honesty is expressed in your natural being, in your emotions, in your psychological state and in
your body. You need to take full responsibility for the effects that your life has on its surroundings
and on your inner life. You need to observe and learn what it is that creates specific conflicts and
how you can rectify those, both conflicts within your inner Self as conflicts between your Self and
your outer world. The individual is the only authority over that specific individual life.

  • Takes authority over his own life

  • Cannot have any authority over any other life

  • Takes full responsibility for his own life

  • Cannot make any claims on any other life or bear any direct responsibility for it

The individual forms the basic building block of the society, just as is the case for an
authoritarian society. The difference is that this building block has all power instead of none. If we
give it all the power to build an alternative society within the framework of Nature, following the
Laws of Nature, then we need to take a good look at the kind of bricks we have to build the society
structure with.

Every individual is allowed to, has to, be what he or she needs to be. And all these individuals
are completely different in knowledge, skills, talents, awareness, and so many other aspects of life
that they won’t fit together just like that. Together they are covering the entire spectrum of all
possibilities of human beings and without a strictly organised structure in which they can function,
can live together as one unit, is impossible. If we are going to try and form a society out of this heap
of oddly shaped bricks and allow each brick to be what it needs to be then we, as architects, are not
allowed to ask them to change shape or to become something else. How can a society emerge from
this chaos? And in this case, who is actually building the society, who is the architect, as it can’t be
humans because they are not allowed to control other individuals if we are truly looking for an
alternative society? In fact, it is Nature that forms this society.

Within the entire spectrum of humanity there are similarities between people that may bring
them - not all of them - together. It may be that a number of people have knowledge of a certain way
of life, be it mountain life or seaside life or jungle life. It may be that they have a similar vision of
what a good life would look like or maybe they agree on what they definitely want to avoid in their
basic everyday life. Maybe they agree on how to achieve a simple, undisturbed, peaceful life where
their children are safe, where they can learn all they need in order to survive, to have a good future,
and where they can be themselves. People that have similar visions on the basic structure of life may
decide that together they have more chance of creating the good life for themselves and for their
children. They voluntarily may decide to form a group, living as a community, joined together by
similar values, hopes and expectations. Such a group decides over all aspects of life, including
internal conflicts. The group takes a course determined by the group, where each member of the
group needs to be heard. Every individual of such a group remains a free person. And yes, there will
be ‘a common good’ for the group, which is decided upon by the group. However, the group will
have to provide ways for every member of that group to be able to live with the common good that
has been decided upon. And maybe, at times, some individuals can no longer identify with the
common ground the group is built upon, but as free individuals they have a free choice to leave. They
go in peace and find another group where the basic glue that holds the group together suits that
individual better. He can go without owing the community he leaves anything and equally without
the community owing him anything. “It was good while it lasted and now it is time to say goodbye.”

Groups are spontaneously formed living communities where people join their knowledge,
skills and talents to benefit themselves and the others. Every contribution is free but cannot be
demanded by the group. What the group is willing to offer the individuals within the group is a free
choice too and needs to be decided locally on the basis of what is available. It must be clear that
across the entire planet there will be many thousands, even millions, of different groups. They all
have different priorities in life, different ways of doing things, different convictions, different
resources, and so on. No group is to interfere in any way in any other group. Each is allowed to make
their own decisions, determine their own destiny, and if people within the group want the group to
make major changes then it is up to the individuals within that specific group to achieve those
changes, together.

In this way we can organise a global society too. It is made up of an enormous number of
different free groups who only occupy themselves with themselves and who don’t interfere in any
other group. All individuals recognise the fact that Nature is the ruling body, that Nature is the true
source of life and provides us all with the same guidebook. All individuals know that they are all
following the same ‘instructions’ based on the Laws of Nature, even though they all may be living a
different truth, a different reality. That is because the entire spectrum of possible expressions of the
way Nature functions is far greater than can be incorporated in one single life or in the life of one
group. So what is true for one group is not necessarily true for another and that is the main reason
why individuals shouldn’t interfere in another individual life and one group shouldn’t interfere in
another group either. The group takes responsibility for its own group and nothing more, just as each
individual takes responsibility for his own life. Within each of these groups a great number of very
different free individuals live together. Each of those individuals takes full responsibility for his or her
own life and does not exert any power in the life of another individual.

Groups interact with each other in a free manner, respecting each other’s uniqueness. They
can exchange goods and services if they want to and on a free basis. Everything that is given to
another group should be given freely. Everything that is being received by a group is received without
being, in any way shape or form, indebted to the donor. The value of goods and services is
determined by both parties involved and only lasts for that particular moment. Just as between
individuals gifts are free and cannot ever be demanded from an individual. The gifts from one group
to another are equally free from any form of debt or retribution and can under no circumstances be
demanded. The individual only has responsibilities towards his own life and the group only has
responsibilities towards the members of that group.

This alternative society, just like all others, begins with the individual. It is a society not build
on the rights of an individual, apart from the right to be yourself, but on your duties as set out by
Nature itself. The individual has to change his mind on what he or she accepts as the authority.
Instead of accepting that another human tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it, you
trust Nature to be your guide in life.

After changing your mind you begin to take more and more responsibility for all your
feelings, thoughts, words and deeds and you start to withdraw, bit by bit, from any structure that the
existing society is putting upon your life. You free yourself from the burden of society as and when
you can. Each person decides this for himself.

You begin to live your own life. You decide who you would want to ‘work’ with. Together,
following Nature’s way, you help each other, support each other and both your lives will be enriched
by the free, non-coerced, co-operation. This way you allow the group to expand in numbers.

The focus of life is survival, which means you surviving in your immediate environment. You
have a direct relationship with your immediate surroundings and you take note of the effect your life

has on your environment. You balance your needs with the requirements of your environment, but
always deciding yourself what you consider to be best at that time. You also live with the
consequences of those decisions. This means that any conflict that may arise from your decision has
to be dealt with by yourself in co-operation with your immediate environment.

The same principles go for the group. Individuals who decide to live together in order to
survive must take note of the effects they have on their surroundings and deal with the
consequences. Always remember that each individual, and each group, has the same right to survival
as you have. Every decision is made at a particular moment and has no bearing on any other moment
in the future. Circumstances change and so your decisions may change, and very often should
change, too. Any interchange between groups happen on a free basis and are only binding at that
moment, for those circumstances.

The global society will then be a Nature driven society whereby all groups of humans living
together, thereby forming a society in their own right, are guided by the Laws of Nature. No human
has the right or the knowledge to sit in judgement over any other group or individual. It only takes
care of its own needs and only protects those. Each group operates in the same way with regards to
the individuals who are members of that society. You protect your way of living, which means that a
group may decide it no longer wants to co-operate with a specific individual but the group has no
right to deny that individual his or her personal choices. It can only decide that this is not the right
place for that individual to manifest those choices. The individual is free to leave and should receive
the help from the group in doing so. Whatever is given by an individual to the group is free and holds
no obligation with regards to a compensation. Whatever is given by the group to the individual is free
and holds no obligation with regards to a compensation.

Every layer of society, from individual to the world order, is based on the same laws, the
Laws of Nature. It is obvious now that studying and knowing those laws is an absolute requirement if
a truly alternative society will ever emerge in human history. Or I can put it differently. You will never
live in a truly alternative society unless you study, know and live by the Laws of Nature.

An individual determines his own rules of life. He needs to find a harmony between the
execution of those rules and his immediate surroundings.
Individuals who determine they are going to live together, as a group, following the same
rules need to find a harmony between the way they live and their immediate surroundings.
This way the entire globe will be covered by groups of people who live in harmony with the
groups they are surrounded by, even though the way of life of all these groups vary enormously.
There will be no need to be envious for any individual as he has the freedom to find the group that
suits his way of life the best. There will be no need to be afraid as each group will have what they
need and do not require to capture anything from anybody else.

A new society starts with one individual who, by example, leads others to Nature’s way.


February 2024

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