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Natural Healing


A ‘spontaneous’ cure in any disease is regarded by the medical profession as a miracle, which, in their language, means “you’ve been very lucky”. A miracle truly means an extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Now then, be well aware of who makes the declaration of a medical miracle because the definition also is a statement of ignorance. Whatever I can’t explain I will regard as a miracle. Whatever the doctor can’t explain he will regard as a miracle. So we need to ask the question as to what the doctor actually knows in order for him to regard it as a miracle. To the majority of people, a doctor ‘knows everything’. But how much of this is actually true?

Inexplicable by natural or scientific laws renders an event a miracle. A doctor has been trained by the medical authorities. I can assure you that within that training it is very obvious that nothing is known about natural laws, the laws of natural life. It is all about artificial stuff. As a result, not only is the doctor’s knowledge of the natural laws non-existent but the doctor isn’t even aware that there is such a thing as natural laws. So if there is an explanation for the event within the laws of nature your doctor would not be aware of that, in which case he would call the natural event ‘a miracle’. His professional opinion is then nothing more than a statement of ignorance.

Furthermore, the doctors training has been focusing on what his authority calls ‘medical science’. This does not include any science beyond the science of the nineteenth century as nothing from quantum physics and beyond is being taught at medical school. Biology is presented as a mechanical machine, following physical contact interactions, and life itself is a mere chemistry lab in which we need to find all explanations for all events. In my article ‘Medical Science is no Science’ I explain why the approach the medical authorities have taken towards investigating disease events is not a scientific approach, but an industrial one. Doctors believe that medical science has got a lot to do with science, while in fact it has nothing at all to do with how scientific research is, and always has been, conducted. This leads us to the conclusion that doctors have no idea about ‘scientific laws’ either. They do not know science and therefore are not in a position to judge whether or not something has a possible scientific explanation.

So, if in your mind there is no explanation for an event within the laws of either nature or science you are free to declare it a miracle. This would be perfectly acceptable if you would allow someone else to come and explain it to you, if they themselves do have an explanation that falls within the realm of either criteria. However, this too is unacceptable to the medical authorities as that would highlight their ignorance. A well-educated, university trained, medical professional who has no explanation and on the other hand, a simple farmer, for instance, could tell you exactly how it happened because he understands nature, that is obviously an unacceptable situation. Hence, the medical authorities have ensured themselves a legal framework that elevates them above all other members of the community in terms of knowledge of diseases and healthcare. They are the authority. Because they proclaim to be the authority, and governments everywhere have enshrined this in their laws, this means that, if this authority doesn’t have a reasonable explanation, nobody else is allowed to have one either. Any ‘explanatory’ story the authority comes up with must be accepted and may not be questioned by anybody else as nobody ‘has the authority’ to question it. So as long as they come up with stories truth can be covered up. It is only when their stories fail to come up with any physical contact explanation they call it a miracle. And still everybody else is being excluded from trying to explain the event.

A medical miracle is a miracle because the profession proclaims it to be one. You are not allowed to argue because they have placed themselves above all arguments. All anyone can know is known by them, because they say so.

Every cure of every ill happens because they use the right treatment. The cure is a direct result of their treatment. If the cure doesn’t happen it does not mean that the treatment doesn’t work, it means that there have been other interfering factors, such as bad medication compliance, patient cheating, mental problems, bad luck and so on. Treatment works because it says so in the medical books. This also implies that no treatment has a predictable outcome as far as the medical books are concerned. When the outcome turns out to be dramatically different from the predicted expectation it does not mean that the prediction and the basis on which the prediction rests is wrong. No, it simply means that a miracle happened.

So when you have a cut on your skin it heals up because the doctor stitched it. When you have a broken bone it heals up because the doctor immobilised it in plaster. When you have a throat infection it heals up because the doctor gives you medication. Indeed, you could believe that. However, why is it that your epilepsy does not heal up with the doctor’s medication? Because he tells you so. He says the medication is ‘to control’ the disease, not to cure it. Well, not well enough! Then give me the stuff that cures it, just like the medication that cured my cold!! What do you mean you don’t have that kind of medication? Sorry, not for arthritis either, no. And not for MS or Parkinson’s. No allergy cure either. Same for asthma, blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, stomach ulcers, gut problems, thyroid problems, hearing or sight problems. In fact, all treatments are ‘supposed’ to do is to control your disease, not to cure it. Would this be the reason that doctors call it a miracle whenever they do see a cure? Although they talk about curing your disease, they, in fact, never even aim to do so. The aim of the medical profession is to control the progression of your disease. They don’t believe a cure exactly exists, not for physical and not for mental problems.

Now have a think about this. When you have broken a bone, is it really the doctor who heals the fracture? What processes are required in order for the body to establish new bone formation at the site of the fracture, and, at that, a bone formation that bridges the gap between the two pieces, strongly linking them back together? Ah you don’t actually know. Well ask your doctor as he is the one who heals the fracture. Even if he waffles on a bit about some biochemical processes that are involved, ask him if he is in charge of these processes. Oh he isn’t! He ‘facilitates’ them. You mean that without his permission these wouldn’t happen? Oh, not even that. These processes occur naturally. So, the processes that are needed in order for damage to the tissues to heal up are naturally occurring processes. They happen spontaneously, without prior permission of the medical authority. Be careful here, because this would mean that there is an authority above the medical authority. Can we really allow this?

Nature happens, with or without permission from the medical authority. Nature does its own thing, follows its own laws. In terms of healing, nature does whatever is required to rectify damage and to restore normal function. Nature brings balance to a system or a part-system given the circumstances as they are at every moment in time. The natural system always responds to any given circumstance, to the best of its ability, in order to achieve the highest possible standard of balance. It always acts at the easiest balance to maintain, the balance which requires the least effort to maintain. So, natural processes are constantly operating to keep the system in the best balance it can. It doesn’t ask for permission. It doesn’t call a board meeting in order to discuss the options. It has no need for miracles. It’s all in a day’s work.

Every healing that takes place is a natural restoration of balance. It happens spontaneously and is always right. Nothing a doctor, a therapist, a treatment, a herb or any other method or product you care to use ‘to facilitate’ your healing does, in fact, do any healing at all. The only healing that occurs is done by your own system, in a spontaneous way. At best, a method or product can be a stimulus to the system to either wake up to the problem or to take it more seriously. Contrary to what we like to believe, this occurs in a small minority of healing processes. Most of the time, all we do is divert healing energy into a direction we believe to be right, which is in fact no help whatsoever. By using a method or a product to heal, the system now has to deal with your choices as well as trying to heal the imbalance in the way it was always going to. It doesn’t need us to tell it what to do or what ‘would be good for it’. Leaving nature to execute its intrinsic knowledge is the shortest way to healing any imbalance, whether it is caused through trauma or disease. Mostly our attitude and our actions are hindering the healing, not aiding it. A fracture heals up the quickest and to the best mobility standard when it isn’t permanently immobilized. Intrinsic small movements stimulate the healing process and ensure a structural balance which allows for a better functional use at the end of the healing process.

Using a method, a product or an expert allows us to cover up the simple observable knowledge that healing occurs spontaneously and completely without our interference. Of course, left to its own devices it destroys the status of expert, the reputation of the methods and the desirability of the products. Staying with the natural removes the need for artificial intervention. Staying with your own process removes the need for outside expertise. 

Moreover, when we stay close to the natural processes we soon learn through our own observation how nature works and how little benefit there is to be gained from an outside expert source. It soon becomes clear that all that expertise is self-proclaimed and a commercial lie. The expert on healing is the very system that requires the healing. So allowing space and time for this system to do its work is all that nature is asking of us, and even that seems too much for us to give. We are anxious to interfere, to know ‘best’.

The simple truth is that all healing is a naturally occurring internal process that does not need any steering, guidance or help from the outside world at all. Any healing, even occurring under our own eyes, remains a miracle as nobody understands exactly what happens, what is required, and why the system does what it does at that particular moment. We can’t explain it, so it is a miracle. Nature is a miracle, and natural healing is part of the magic we are living in. On the other hand, knowing that this is within nature’s power these miraculous events should no longer surprise us. Of course, your broken bone will heal up. Of course, the cut on your finger will heal up. Of course, you will get over your cold. These are all miracles we expect to happen. Nature is a miracle, and we are allowed to enjoy it.

Let’s then take care not to destroy it.

Stop the experts from interfering with miracles. Stop them from preventing miracles to happen. Live a life filled with miracles by following a natural pathway and banning artificial interference from your life. Allow Nature to be the wise one. Ban ‘artificial’ to the bin. Watch the result of this action.

It’s a miracle!

Trust nature, as its knowledge about life is far greater than the perceived knowledge of any expert you may want to believe in.

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