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The Meaning of Disease Symptoms

A symptom can be defined as a physical or mental problem that a person experiences that may
indicate a disease or condition, or a change in your body or mind that shows that you are not healthy.
Hence, symptoms are seen as indications of ill health. In order to design a roadmap that leads from
specific symptoms to certain diseases allopathic medicine set about to classify symptomatology.
Little did they know, at the onset, how badly lost they would get on the way. First they assumed that
the bodily symptoms, when grouped together properly, would lead them to the identification of
specific diseases. It didn’t. Then they assumed that the psychopathology would explain disease
symptoms in the absence of clearly identifiable bodily pathology. It didn’t. Then they decided that
combining a number of symptoms, physical and mental, to ‘specific’ test results would lead them to
specific diseases. It didn’t. Currently they are in the process of almost totally abandoning the
symptoms the individual is presenting with as indicative signals of a specific disease and they want to
fully rely on test results to give them the ‘true’ disease. For those who still believe this is the right
approach and this will lead to the proper classification of symptoms, which in all fairness no longer
mean anything anymore, I would like to shake you out of your dream state. It isn’t going to happen!
Why not? Because, apart from the fact that you no longer are classifying symptoms but instead are
classifying test results, no symptoms have ever been specific expressions of diseases in the way these
have been classified by allopathic medicine. In other words, there does not exist a direct link
between on the one hand the symptoms and on the other the diseases as classified by allopathic
medicine. One does not lead to the other. And trying to connect them along separate pathways can
only satisfy the professional body of medicine but it can never reveal the truth about any illness to
the individual. It can be formatted into protocols, which medical practitioners are forced to follow,
even though these protocols do not lead to the promised ‘cure’ or the ‘best management’ of the said
disease. It was a botched job to begin with and it ends up being an enforced lie.

Demitrios ii.png

Why don’t we, for a moment, leave the allopathic approach for what it is and turn our attention to
nature. There have been living creatures on this planet for billions of years, which means that we can
safely assume that diseases must have been around for that length of time too. When we observe
nature properly, we notice that in the wild no chronic diseases occur. There are no prolonged disease
patterns that shape a specific life for an extended period of time, not killing the organism but making
life gradually more and more difficult to almost impossible. Allopathic medicine has us believing that
the sole reason for this is the fact that these animals would be eaten very quickly, so, thank God
allopathic medicine has provided us with doctors who allow you to continue your struggle to keep
yourself alive against all odds. However, this simple explanation disregards the fact that in all the
many millennia humans have shared this place with animals, nobody has ever reported noticing a
dead wild animal with for instance liver cirrhosis or rheumatoid arthritis or cancer. And yet, in all that
time humans have come across a very large number of dead animals, so statistically speaking we
would have had to have come across manifestations of chronic diseases by now. But we haven’t! The
reason is simple. It doesn’t exist.

This observation has far reaching consequences for human lives and for human society, when
you think about it. How did chronic diseases become part of human lives then? And why? I
would like to invite you to ponder on this issue but do so in your own time. Here and now, I
would like to take this into a different direction though.

Nature does know disease, but only as a short period of change away from health, from functioning
normally. It either restores health very quickly or the organism dies relatively quickly, even when we,

for a moment, don’t take into account the real possibility that the organism becomes prey and gets
eaten. Even left alone and following a natural process, acute disease in nature results in a natural
death pretty soon after becoming ill or the organism heals pretty soon after becoming ill.
Again, when you project this natural process unto human lives it wouldn’t allow much scope
for our current medical system of quick interventions. Disease results in a quick and full
recovery all by itself. Again, you may want to ponder on that later.

What I would like to focus on right now is the fact that whatever illness the living organism, be it
animal or plant, is suffering from it can heal spontaneously. No outside intervention seems to be
required and whatever disease the organism may suffer from, the possible outcomes are always the
same: either it dies or it heals. No specific disease always leads to death and no specific disease
always heals. Hence, the ultimate outcome of the disease seems to depend on the inner status, the
inner strength, of the organism itself to either overcome the disease or not. How the disease
progresses within a specific individual depends on the individual, not on the kind of disease.
Now you may want to wander off thinking about the fact that trying to find ‘a cure’ for every
disease one can name is never going to be achieved by any medical practitioner or by any
healing facility you may care to mention. But I would encourage you to stick to a different
path for now.

Every disease can heal. We notice something is wrong with an organism – the organism is not
functioning normally – and we define that as a disease. ‘Not feeling well’ means that you are ill.
When the natural process of ‘not feeling well’ leads to healing the animal - almost miraculously it
gets better and functions normally again - and all the symptoms magically disappear again, what is
then the real function of these symptoms? The symptoms the animal or human is displaying during a
period of illness are all signs that occur whilst the organism is attempting to heal, which may or may
not be successful. Not eating, sleeping excessively, nibbling on some toxic plants, biting through their
own skin, licking open wounds and other specific behaviours are in fact all attempts to help their own
healing process, it now turns out. Effects of such behaviour includes vomiting, diarrhoea, pain,
discomfort, skin eruptions, excess mucus, lethargy, anorexia, limping, and many other signs. These
are not signs of illness. These are signs of an attempt to heal.

I know what you are thinking now. What allopathic medicine has described as a disease is in
fact a valid attempt from our natural system to heal itself. Hence, allopathic medicine is
actually ‘fighting’ this natural healing attempt in order to get us healthy again! I know, weird
isn’t it? That doesn’t look like a useful approach, does it? But leave that for now and let’s
carry on following the other path.

When all the symptoms we observe are indicative of a natural healing process and when this process
begins spontaneously, it means that the disease must have already be present before the symptoms
show up. In which case the symptoms, the healing process, is a natural and spontaneous reaction to
an already existing disease that, on the outside, we are not aware off. Our conscious mind has not
even picked up on the fact that we, our organism, are struggling, is not doing so well, but, luckily for
us, our inner natural self does know about this. Not only does it know that something is ‘not quite
right’, but it also knows exactly what to do about it and steers the organism to respond in the most
appropriate way possible. The natural healing response must then be aimed at creating the exact
opposite effect from the disease our conscious mind does not even know it exists. By the time we are

feeling unwell or noticing something is not working very well, be it a limb or a specific system such as
the digestion, we have already entered the healing phase. We become aware of a disease when the
system shows us that it has already started to heal, to rectify the internal imbalance. Spontaneously.
And what is more, since the inner system is the only bit of us that knows that there is something

wrong, we can only assume that the response it comes up with must be the right one, as all diseases
can heal this way. Our natural system must be ‘doing the right thing’ on the way to healing, all by
itself, without any instructions or interference from our conscious self.

Yes, I know that this means that our symptoms are actually the correct way to get well again
and that it is exactly these symptoms that our medical establishment is opposing. Attempting
to reduce the symptoms, because one believes that less symptoms equals better health, is a
false approach in the middle of a healing crisis. So much is obvious by now.
So nature does know acute diseases, the expression of which (the symptoms) is in fact the healing
part of the disease. Whatever the symptoms on display, those are the requirements for the organism
to overcome the disease. In order to fully restore health it would be wise to follow the lead of your
natural self that has detected a disease long before you yourself become aware of it. Allow,
encourage and stimulate the symptoms of an acute disease if you really want to become healthy
again seems like some pretty good advice.

But what happens when we don’t do this, when we put all our effort into reducing the symptoms and
fighting the healing process? Please be aware that we all have been doing this for the best part of our
lives, and very likely are still doing it. Even when we are using ‘natural remedies’ we are very often
focussed on the reduction of discomfort, of inflammation, of feeling unwell. Feeling well, or feeling
better, does not equal being well, or being better.

Suppressing the natural healing process means that healing cannot be established. This signifies that
to some degree the disease, or parts of it, remain inside our tissues. You remain ill, but due to a
combination of consciously not being aware of an internal struggle and of constantly suppressing
signs and symptoms that may alert you to this fact, the disease spreads even further. Gradually you
will end up in a situation where either symptoms are almost permanently present, which means you
need suppression all the time, or symptoms appear violently as soon as you reduce or stop your
suppression mechanism. This is what is known as chronic diseases. And now you can understand why
this situation does not appear within the natural world as the natural world does not know a
constant suppression of the healing process. Chronic diseases are a man-made feature.
Not understanding the disease process leads to a permanent state of ill health because we humans
interfere with our natural health balance. Plants and animals don’t understand this process either
but they do not interfere. They simply follow their instinct, their natural pathway, which leads them
to healing, when that is at all possible. The failing of this healing mechanism, resulting in the demise
of the organism, is simply due to the lack of sufficient internal energy, which is required to complete
the healing process. Any organism that is too weak, meaning it either does not have a strong
constitution or it has become old, may not make it back to health again, in which case it settles for

Let’s further examine this healing response. Whatever it is the system is doing, it has an opposite
effect to the disease process, which we are not consciously aware off. In other words, if we notice an
inflammation then that is the response to the internal imbalance, and that response is opposite to
what is going on inside. Inflammation means redness, swelling, warmth and pain. We see the tissues
warming up and expanding. This is the healing response, so ‘the disease’ is making the tissues cold
and contracting. An acute inflammatory process can occur anywhere in the body. It can manifest in
joints, in the digestive system, in the breathing system, in the skin, in the sensory organs, literally
anywhere. If you now want to heal properly you will need to add heat to the inflamed areas and you
will need to reduce the contraction force that works on the tissues. You need to reduce the pressure
on your system, the pressure on your life. In order to really heal you need to expand, to free your life
from excessive pressures.

Sea Caves Stormy.png

Ways to decrease the pressure could entail warming up, which will make the energy (and the matter)
expand. Maybe one has allowed too much pressure to be put upon one’s life. Refusing to be
responsible for matters that are not really one’s responsibility will help to reduce that pressure.
Examining one’s life, especially in relation to where the pressure specifically comes from, is essential.
Once the pressure areas have been identified one can make decisions regarding to what one is
allowing and what not. Another factor to consider is how one responds to the world around us.
Sometimes one cannot change immediately the way one lives but one can change how we live it.
Consider your feelings and your responses to your outside world and those that are ineffective, such
as being angry about something you can’t change, one can learn to ignore, thereby reducing the
wasting of energy and reducing the pressure one puts upon oneself.

Ways to increase the pressure could entail cooling down, which will make the energy (and the
matter) contract. It could be taking on more responsibility in life. Taking personal responsibility for
your actions, thoughts and feelings will increase the engagement in one’s own life, making life
heavier, carrying more weight. Getting directly more involved in one’s own survival, providing food,
shelter and protection, increases one’s awareness and one’s connection to the flow of fundamental
energies. It is not about making life easy. It is about making life realistic. Involvement in your life is
essential to create a lust for life. Without a reason to get up in the morning, without a reason to live,
the energy that provides life to an individual decreases because there isn’t enough pressure within
the system to make it flow efficiently.

Always remember that the non-material, the mental part of life, weighs much heavier on life than
the material things such as our physical activity. Much more energy is burned, is used, in the fast
flowing energies of the non-material than can ever be needed in the more fixed energy flow within
the physical manifestation. For example, your attitude to food contributes much more to your health
or unhealthy than the food itself. You can be healthy on almost any food there is available to you,
provided you have the proper attitude towards it.

And this is how simple nature is structured and functions. It is nothing more than a constant
movement between contraction and expansion. Riding the wave of the ever changing conditions in
which life manifests results in maintaining health and in restoring health as soon as the natural
internal system has identified an imbalance and started the appropriate response.
We said that the symptoms that manifest are signs of healing and that the healing response a
movement creates in the opposite direction of the imbalance the real disease has caused. This is
what happens in all acute diseases or, as we should call it now, in all acute healing crises. However,
humans have made things a little more complicated.

We mentioned that chronic diseases are caused by the fact that the healing response constantly gets
suppressed, whereby the real disease remains present within the tissues and, over time, affects
other tissues, extends into other areas. So more symptoms emerge. Eventually we will be confronted
with symptoms that show the same effects as the real disease, not the opposite, because the system
no longer has the inner power to keep producing the healing response. For example, if someone has
regular bouts of bowel inflammation, which are diagnosed by doctors as irritable bowel syndrome or
maybe even as Crohn’s disease, and years of suppressive medication is used under the pretence of
improving health by reducing symptoms, such a person’s health will deteriorate and the real disease
will show up in a different way, with different symptoms. The digestive disorders mentioned are
caused by inflammation of the lining of the gut. We now know that this is the healing reaction and
that it is an expansive movement. This means that the real disease is contractive, caused by ongoing
high pressures in life, causing these specific tissues of the bowels to contract, to harden. When the
natural healing cannot be accomplished, and the situation has been worsened by the suppressive

allopathic treatments, the tissues will continue to harden and contract. This will manifest later on as
a bowel tumour, a contraction symptom, which is the same as the effect of the real disease, not the
opposite. Similar examples can be found in rheumatoid arthritis, where the stiffening and
deformation of joints is the result of not allowing the healing inflammation crises to complete the
clean-up task. In general terms, in chronic conditions we need to consider the fact that the
manifested symptoms are of the same nature as the original disease.

Chronic disease manifestations occur when the natural system has run out of steam and is no longer
capable of overcoming the force that caused the imbalance, be it contractive or expansive. At which
point the tissues will begin to manifest similar symptoms as the causing disease, because the counter
measures fail. Now, remember that the healing response is trigged automatically and, left to its own
devices and provided there is enough internal energy available, the healing response will correct the
imbalance. After many years of being suppressed, either by your conscious mind (thinking you need
to fight the symptoms) and/or by suppressive treatments, this response fizzles out, loses strength.
Hence, the appearance of similar symptoms. But this also has a major impact on any kind of help you
want to provide your system with.

In acute situations you simply follow what your system is trying to do. If it is looking for an expansive
reaction your actions will need to copy that. Be aware that this is a response to achieve healing, not
‘to make you feel better’. Very often, the initial phase of your help will result in a more powerful
healing response, which may include more symptoms, not less.

In chronic conditions, realizing the symptoms are the same as the real disease and thus the healing
reaction you are looking to introduce must do the opposite to what the symptoms show you, works
well in theory but is useless in practice. The reason for this is that the system, where the healing
comes from, is no longer able to achieve this healing. The system has in effect been shut down. In
order to restart the inner healing response one has to, in the first place, wake it up again, blow new
life into it, re-awaken it from it supressed dormant state. This is done by adding aids aiming to
achieve to worsen the current chronic situation. For example, a chronic contractive disease, such as
rheumatoid arthritis or cancer, manifests through contraction symptoms, through the hardening of
the tissues. Trying to gain the beginning of a healing response in such a situation involves everything
that will make the tissues contract even more. So instead of adding heat you need ice and cooling the
tissues down. Instead of making yourself (or someone who has asked your help) be comfortable
more pressure should be put upon the life of the ill person. Life should be made more difficult, and
especially in those areas of life that have contributed to the contractive disease. This means that
some real soul searching should have preceded this intervention if you stand to have any success at
all. This may also make you realize that, in practice, only the individual themselves can make this
mental switch and allow this process to take place. Once the system responds with a healing
reaction, the symptoms of which are contrary to those manifesting in the disease, you can support
this. In the initial waking-up phase you will notice that these episodes of healing are very short lived.
During the healing response you add anything that is having an effect opposite to the disease
manifestation and as soon as the system goes back to sleep, no longer has energy to spend on
healing, you begin adding the opposite to what you did during the healing crisis. Simply put, in a
chronic contractive disease condition you begin with increasing the pressure and adding cold. When
inflammations begin to show up in places you switch to decreasing the pressure and adding heat.
When it all goes hard and cold again, you return to increasing the pressure and adding cold.
Gradually the system will gain more and more strength, it will have longer periods of healing crises,
and it will put itself back on the road to recovery, the road of cleaning the system up. When this does
not happen then the system no longer has the energetic capacity to heal. This is the time to think
about the comfort of that person and allowing the person to fade away in comfort. When the natural
system no longer has the capacity, the power, to heal then ‘the fight for life’ is over.

I know. Every life is precious. This has lead the medical profession to profess they will fight
‘to save’ every single life. I hate to tell you but statistically they fail miserably. Statistics show
that everyone who died is actually dead. Not a single life has been saved. Some lives look as
if they have been prolonged, but at what cost, both in terms of finances and resources and in
terms of suffering? And bear in mind that when someone overcomes an acute life
threatening situation, scientifically it is impossible to determine what would have been the
most significant contribution to the survival of the individual. So it is impossible to tell what
actually saved his life.

The natural healing process is the natural power to rebalance the system. Obviously there is a limit to
that power. Healing no longer takes place when we have used up all the power that heals us. That is
when disease and old age gets the better of us. Be aware of the fact that the natural system will
never give up trying to heal, even if it is constantly being prevented from doing so. In this case,
however, you would be using healing energy without allowing it to reach its goal, so it has to keep on
trying. Waste of energy. Waste of time. And as a result your time will be shortened by that waste.


You could, instead, rely on your natural responses and try not to get in their way.


Be aware of the healing power your system owns.
Trust your system to always do the right thing by you.
Support the healing efforts of your natural system.
Be mindful of wasted energy in combatting the wrong enemy.


Know what is the disease, and know what is the healing.


  •  My life should progress joyriding the waves of healing.

  •  When those waves have lost the power to carry me, my life should be made comfortable.

  • When comfort no longer matters to me, my life should be left to rest, should find peace.


July 2023

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