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We believe in Nature as the Greater Power

  • Nature is the creator of all life

  • Human beings are natural beings, created and governed by the Laws of Nature

We believe that human life is created and ruled by Nature

  • Human life is subject to the cycles of nature

  • One specific human life is the expression of such a cycle within the human energy field

  • An individual human life itself evolves in cycles, thereby creating natural periods of relative ‘up’s’ and ‘down’s’

  • Humanity itself follows a similar up and down pattern throughout its development

We believe that the body is an expression of the mind

  • At all times, the physical part of human life is governed by its specific human energy field, which manifests in a specific life through the mind of the individual

  • The individual human mind engineers the physicality of a specific human life, but is itself limited by the specific traits of the energy field it arises from

  • The individual human mind is constructed out of the information encapsulated within the seed of that life and within the responses to the early experiences of that life

  • The basis of the human mind is a set of reaction patterns that allows survival in the world of those early experiences

  • The physical expression of the mind into a body allows for areas of high defence and low defence (pressure areas within the physical part of life) in order to facilitate the response patterns needed for survival

We believe that the individual mind is the control centre of that individual life

  • The physical form and function is, at all times, an expression of the form and the balance of the mind

  • Through the individual mind an individual life is being manifested and experienced in a physical manner

  • At all times, the physical is a natural expression of the mind pattern

  • The mind determines how to respond to outside stimuli and therefore determines the experiences of life the individual has

We believe that each individual is responsible for their own feelings, thoughts, words and actions

  • Within an individual life, all expressions have their roots in the individual’s mind (unique human being), which itself is rooted in a specific part of the human energy field (belonging to a specific group of humanity)

  • As the mind energy densifies it creates feelings, which create thoughts, that become words, that lead to actions, as the densification process progresses

  • This densification process can be stopped at any stage and at any level by the individual

  • The conscious mind can be used, not simply for subjecting the human being to these expressions, but also for changing the flow of energy towards these learned preset expressions

  • If one does not like the action that one’s life is expressing, one can change the thoughts and feelings that have created that specific action

  • By consequently repeating the change in thoughts and feelings the mind will begin to change the energy that lies at the origin of the thoughts and feelings. Patterns will change.

  • A human being is capable of changing some of the mind’s reaction patterns

We believe that all life should be respected, starting with one’s own

  • As human beings are created by and remain a part of Nature, one should respect all life Nature has created

  • Respecting life, in the first place, means not to consciously harm or destroy it for gain or pleasure

  • One should look after oneself without harming other lives

  • Every life interferes with every other life, and death is part of a natural life cycle, whereby the demise of one life will feed other lives, allowing them to grow and expand

  • Finding the balance between what one life requires and another life will need to supply is the essence of becoming conscious human beings

  • As a human being, responsible for one’s own life, one should not interfere with other lives beyond the natural requirements of one’s own life (needs, not wants)

  • All conscious interference beyond one’s own natural requirements must be in support of other lives, in support of the natural processes

  • As all lives are part of cycles, whereby nothing gets lost and everything is recycled, the ending of one life will sustain other lives in a natural process

  • Through observing the consequences that our feelings, thoughts, words and actions have on other lives, we can learn to find the balance between what is required in one’s own life and what is required in other lives

We believe that every individual is free to choose their own life and that this choice needs to be respected by other individuals

  • A human being needs to make individual choices as to the kind of life one is required to lead

  • Each human being has a different place in nature and a different role to fulfil, which means that each individual should be allowed to fulfil that role

  • The freedom of choice is an absolute requirement for a natural balance in human life, both as an individual and as a group

  • The differences in life’s requirements for individuals fit together to form the entire spectrum of human life, and this is essential to maintain balance within the human spectrum and to further human evolution

  • The freedom of choice is a natural requirement for all human beings on their path towards consciousness as the growth of the individual, contributing towards the growth of humanity, depends on the awareness of balancing the freedom of all individuals

We believe that each individual is a unique combination of human energies: these are a combination of constitution and early experiences

  • A human being is a unique combination of constitutional aspects of life (‘the seed’) as well as the environmental aspects at the time of the early development (‘the soil’)

  • This makes each individual a unique specimen of the human race that will require a unique combination of environmental factors in order to be able to fulfil its growth potential

  • Each individual human being has a unique path of life to experience, requiring specific circumstances, and it is up to the individual to work towards creating those circumstances that will keep him/her moving along the path of that individual life

  • Through personal experience one can learn to evaluate the balance between one’s own life and that of others

We believe that each individual life is the result of energetic interactions between the outside world and the inner world of the individual

  • Life is a process that combines constitutional elements (‘the seed’) and environmental feeding elements (‘the soil’)

  • Every event in life is an expression of that combination in relation to the conditions the individual finds him/herself in, on a continual basis

  • A conscious human being is able to choose the feeding elements, allowing these to enter one’s life at every moment

  • A human being can consciously connect to those elements that are, at that moment, required in that life, and avoid connection to disturbing or even destructive elements present in the environment, as judged by that individual

Through observation of one’s personal experience, one can learn to evaluate the effects of one’s choices on one’s personal life 

  • We believe that there is no judging power over any individual life

  • Nature offers the pathway to human development and each individual life contributes towards that development

  • No human being is capable of judging the validity of a specific human life or the righteousness of the pathway of that life

  • There is no need for the individual to comply with rules and regulations made by others

  • There is no need for the individual to justify one’s life to any other individual

We believe that no artificial intelligence adds value to a human life but that it reduces the value of the experience of living

  • Nature is the guiding principle and the only knowledge life contains

  • A human being makes choices with regards to one’s own life and allows all others to make their own choices in their lives

  • No artificially made device can be allowed to make any choices in any human life as it has no connection to the only knowledge of life that exists, which is Nature

  • No other human being has any right to judge and interfere with another human life and so no human made device must be handed such power either

  • Developing human consciousness can only be done through the direct experience of life, being responsible for one’s own life, and no artificial aid will have any place or any value in this process as it separates the reality from the individual

We believe that the essence of a society is the power of giving

  • Human beings, responsible for their own lives, can only harmoniously exist together when sharing their space, their skills and their achievements

  • Their sharing enhances their lives as each unique individual adds unique elements to the experiences of humanity

  • Everything human beings share is a free gift, as nobody is required to share anything and nobody is able to demand anything

  • One is free to donate and one is free to accept

We believe that human beings are not indebted by any gift they receive

  • As all gifts are free, there is no debt, in any form, connected to the gift received

  • Living together is based on what each one is willing and able to share, which is a free decision belonging to each individual

  • Gifts are not being exchanged 

  • There is no common value to any gift

We believe that only people who live according to the above statements should form a society based upon these beliefs

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