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Human beings enter this world each with a specific imbalance, the challenge of that specific life. The human system maintains a balance throughout life, in all circumstances, but the deeper purpose of living is to deal with the specific challenge of your own personal life and to take steps to bring that small part, which is a part of the entire human field in development, into line with the movement of the human field, which is being ‘pushed’ forward by the development of the universe. Cycles within cycles.

Whenever our system is showing signs of struggling, deemed by modern humanity to be diseases, it is an outward sign of the system trying to maintain its balance. We show these signs each time the system needs to shut down or drastically reduce ‘normal’ activities in order to concentrate all its efforts on maintaining that balance. It is, in fact, a healing signal, an attempt to bring the system back into balance. To us, this should be a signal to make drastic changes to the way we live our lives, not to start fighting the signs, the so called diseases. The system is already dealing with the real underlying imbalance problem and we should be supportive of those efforts, not obstructive.

Acute signs of this healing process will indicate that momentarily the system is struggling to maintain the current balance. Simply resting a bit more or by making temporary small adjustments the system will get back into the saddle and will be able to continue the old living routine, based on the survival mechanisms that system has learned. However, chronic signs of the system struggling to get back into balance indicate a more fundamental problem, which points at an incompatibility between the internal requirements of that specific life, its fundamental needs, and the current balance of maintaining life in the way it has learned to survive. Here it is necessary to recognize that, for the system to continue living and flourishing, it requires a major shift in the point of balance. This means, one should allow the system to be pushed out of balance in order to drift, in a natural way, into a new, more easily maintainable, balance. The message from your system is, “I can’t do this any longer. Can we please try some other way?”

So, acute diseases are simply short periods in which the system struggles to get back into the old balance. Chronic complaints, discomforts and diseases are signs that the system has failed the acute healing crises and is using the old patterns to survive without actually succeeding. If we do want to continue living in balance it requires us to shift that balance point away from the old survival routines. We need to change our reaction patterns to the stimuli of life. This will require major changes in our lives, more often than not involving the basic structure of our lives, meaning family, friends, jobs, relations, living area and conditions.

There are certain principles we need to take into consideration if we are intending to truly support the healing process.

  • Mind rules matter

When the system shows signs of struggling to maintain the balance we should realize that it is our way of life that has brought us to this point of struggle. So in order to really help the system to maintain its inner balance it would be wise to make significant changes to the way one lives. To evaluate if the changes made are significant enough one only needs to observe the effects they have on one’s life. To help the healing process one needs to significantly change one’s mind. This may involve changing some parts of the living environment, habits and/or beliefs.

  • Homeopathic principle

Like connects to like and stimulates change. All living material is maintaining a balance in life. Hence, when living entities, from cells to organisms, are being pushed out of balance they will do everything within their power to return to that balance. This means that the signs we encounter, telling us the system is being pushed out of balance, are in fact signs of the system trying to get back into balance. We help the system in this process if we add similar things to the situation.

  • Opposing the signs is reducing the healing power

  • Stimulating the signs is encouraging the healing power

When the physical matter (or the mind) is warming up we help the healing process by adding heat to the system. When the physical matter (or the mind) shows signs of increased pressure we help the healing process by putting more pressure on the area. When the system wants to starve itself we help the healing process by not eating.

  • Mind interactions

There is a constant exchange between the individual mind and the outside world. There is a balance maintained between the two. When there are signs of conflict, imbalance, we need to be aware of our own input and contribution to this imbalance. We are able to alter that balance, to reduce the conflict, by altering our own behaviour and attitude. When one opposes one’s environment it is likely, not necessary, that the environment responds with increased pressure. When our own system is beginning to suffer under this pressure, it is time for us to stop opposing the outside world, as our system tells us it is no longer capable of comfortably carrying that amount of pressure in life. By reducing our own outwardly directed pressure we will ensure a reduction in pressure from the environment upon our own life. This allows healing to take place within our own life but also within our environment.

These are the only tools required to help us through the pains and difficulties of life. By accepting that each life has a purpose, and that fulfilling that purpose causes discomfort, and by accepting that the only one who is capable of reducing the struggle in one’s own life is oneself, we drastically reduce the suffering in life. We suffer only because we oppose the reality of our life. When we accept that reality, we are able to do our best to help us along the path that is destined for us. Either our best helps us to move along or, at some point, it won’t be enough anymore and life ends. It is a reality of life that cannot be avoided, even using the best and most sophisticated interventions of human beings. Trying to continue living off-balance does not allow life to flourish. It is physically maintaining life whilst the mind has already shut down or even departed.

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