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Laws of Nature


Everything is energy

All material particles are an expression of an energetic field. So, they are, and behave, both like an energetic wave and like material particles. How the energy presents itself to us is determined by the way we are looking at it. The smallest amount of energy is called a quantum.

Energy comes in basic quantum packages

A discrete amount of energy is a quantum package. There are a limited number of basic packages. These are the basic frequencies from which all creation has been constructed. Everything is a multiplication of the basic energy contained within each quantum package. It is the way these packages are being connected and joint together that explains the great variety in physical manifestations too.


There is nothing absolute. All is probability

Any measuring or testing will only deliver a probability result. Because everything is possible in nature one can only determine the chance of it to be in a certain specific way. Measuring or testing will deliver a fixed result out of all the possibilities that are present within nature. The next time one repeats the same measuring the result will be random again, which means that it may or may not be the same as the previous result. There is no absolute fixed result to any measuring or testing one can do. All natural things contain, per definition, all possibilities, even though we cannot register them all. In life, anything is possible, even the most improbable things.

Measurement determines reality

Until the moment that the exact state of a quantum particle is measured, that state is indeterminate, and in fact can be thought of as spread out over all the possible outcomes. After a measurement is made, the state of the particle is absolutely determined, and all subsequent measurements on that particle will return exactly the same outcome. Between measurements, the system exists in a superposition of two possible states, with the probability of one increasing and the other decreasing. Each measurements puts the system back into a single definite state. Reality is nothing more than the end result of a measurement, of an observation. The way we look at the energy field determines what we see. Our reality is the direct result of how we observe the energy field we are part of.


Perpetual motion

Everything is in constant movement. When a quantum energy slows down too much or speeds up too much it changes its energetic status. Movement creates energy transformation because the balance point, which the energy frequency is trying to keep, shifts to a different level. The balance points move as well as the energy itself. There is the circular motion around a central point and then there is the motion of the central points along its own circular path, which in turn has a central point that moves along a circular path, and so on. Cycles within cycles.
It is the perpetual motion of creation that creates time.

Quantum correlations are non-local

When two quantum particles interact in the right way, their states will depend on one another, no matter how far apart they are. The correlation between these states cannot possibly be described by any local theory, in which the particles have definite states. These states are indeterminate until the instant that one is measured, at which time the states of both are absolutely determined. 
Although the connection is always present (everything is interconnected), the connection between two specific quantum particles fluctuates between very strong and very weak. When we put our attention to two specific particles their states become highly interdependent, so much so that by fixing one into a specific state the other one becomes fixed at the same time.


Everything not forbidden is mandatory

A quantum particle moving from point A to point B will take absolutely every possible path from A to B, at the same time. This includes paths that involve highly improbable events. The full theory of quantum electro-dynamics (QED) involves contributions from every possible process, even the ridiculously unlikely ones. The end result is always the total sum of all possibilities.
When we want to follow the specific pathway between point A and point B then we are in fact ‘fixing’ the particle in a specific position along a specific pathway. By observing the particle on its way from A to B we create the reality of that specific route, no longer enabling us to see any other possibility.

Action and reaction

Every action upon an energetic field will create an equal reaction in the opposite direction. The action disturbs the balance of the field at that moment in time and the field responds by trying to pull it back. An energy field, and everything in it, including any matter, will resist any force disturbing its natural and current balance. Evolution is a shift in balance from one stable configuration to a next. This occurs when the energy field is no longer capable of returning to its current state, allowing it to adapt to a new balance point.

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In a closed energy system energy can only be exchanged, not gained or lost

The total amount of energy within a system remains the same throughout. Interactions only allow for transformation of energy from one form into another. No energy is ever lost. No energy is ever gained. 
Physical matter is an amount of energy ‘fixed’ into matter, thereby reducing the amount of free flowing energy within that field. There will be a constant exchange of energy between the physical and the non-physical elements within such a field.

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