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Laws of Nature in Human Lives

  • Everything is energy

We are energetic beings and our physical expressions are determined by the energetic movements within our own field. The fact that we have a physical manifestation means that part of our energy field is ‘located’ within a body, but that does not change the fact that, in the first place, we are energetic beings and our lives are governed through the laws of energy.

  • Energy comes in basic quantum packages

There is a basic set of energies that determine the kind of person one is, both physically and non-physically. Each is built slightly different, even though the basic model of the human race is the same. However, within the human outline, fixed into a specific format at a specific time, all possibilities are being expressed if we consider the entire human spectrum.

  • There is nothing absolute. All is probability

Within the restrictions of the individual outline, the actual outcome at each given moment in time is, in theory, a probability result. Nothing can be known for sure. Everything is possible. As we are growing up within an environment where less and less possibilities are being allowed, the outcome at any given time becomes more predictable, but nothing will ever be impossible. We may be losing sight of the fact that everything is possible in life but that is an absolute truth and will remain so forever. We create the illusion of absoluteness by continually ‘fixing’ the energetic expressions into one possibility and by no longer allowing the energy to flow freely.

  • Measurement determines reality

From the infinite possibilities of human life more and more aspects will become determined as we are measuring and fixing more and more of our reality. The inherited traits are already specific in certain ways and early on in life we learn from our environment what to do and what not to do. With each step we limited the possibilities for that specific life. Through the use of a punishment and reward system we are constantly being pushed back into that specific state, which will become our ‘normal’ state of being and functioning. 
Education limits the development of the individual.
Rules at work limit the evolution of the job, of the profession.
Religious education limits the freedom of the spirit.
All information, be it advertisement or educational, limits the personal experience and curtails the learning process.

  • Perpetual motion

Life is continual evolution. Nothing ever stays the same, not even when history repeats itself. Life is about cycles that repeat themselves but something fundamental has changed that makes it a new experience. Living then means ‘to move with natural changes’. Finding the natural rhythm of an individual life is the task every person is facing. On the other hand, when one is trying to implement a rhythm of life that is not natural, it is always going to hinder and obstruct the natural flow. Actual stopping the flow all together or altering the direction of the flow significantly is not possible. There is no internal force big enough to change the course of nature.

  • Quantum correlations are non-local

We are all interconnected, connected with every particle in nature and the universe, through the energy field that binds all its expressions together. So, we are being influenced by forces unseen and far away, but we also influence others in a similar fashion. Once we fix our own position, we ‘force’ some others, that are energetically connected to us most, into a fixed position too. By choosing our own position in life we exert an influence on others. The more passive we are in life, the more we will be determined by the positions others are choosing.
Although we are connected to everything else in the universe, the specific connection at any given time can vary a lot. Human beings may feel connected to a great number of things in their outside world and it is different for each individual. It also will varies over time within each lifetime. The stronger the specific connection is at any given time the more the other position will become determined by our own choices.

  • Everything not forbidden is mandatory

Everything plays a part in the choices we make in life and the paths we choose to follow. Every possible reason, and impossible ones, is included in the position we find ourselves in. This means that there never is a single cause to any effect we observe. It is the fixed result at that moment in time of all possibilities, inner and outer ones. If, however, we choose to look for one specific reason to explain an event we will be able to find it as it must be present within all of the possibilities. We delude ourselves to have found ‘the’ reason, while in fact every possible and impossible reason is part of the outcome we observe.

  • Action and reaction

The system tries to maintain a balance at all time. This means that any impact upon the system will create an equal and opposing response in order to pull the system back towards its balance. Every system has therefore been equipped with a natural healing response to any change that occurs, both from the outside and from the inside. Pulling the system back into its current balance is a healing action, or rather a healing reaction to a disturbing action. However, the system will continue to do this even though the current balance may no longer be able to allow life to flourish. The system only repeats what it has learned. It is up to our consciousness to recognise that that kind of healing reaction is only reaffirming a pattern that is no longer serving the development of life. It is only struggling to sustain the old life. Here, a shift in balance is required that can only happen when we consciously stop our old life and allow the system to drift, pushed by natural forces along its own natural path, into another natural balancing position.
Healing happens at two distinctly different levels. The immediate and more superficial healing brings us naturally back to the balance point we create by our early experiences. The healing of our deeper conflicts will involve us to shift into a different balancing point. This requires a cessation of our old habits and routines.

  • In a closed energy system energy can only be exchanged, not gained or lost

Although every energy field within the universe is connected to every other field within the universe, and although the universe itself is connected to other universes outside itself, for everyday use these can all be regarded as closed energy systems.
The energy a human being uses in one part of life is not being used elsewhere and cannot be ‘made up’. It is essential to evaluate where and how we spend our energy. What areas of life are we spending most energy on in a variety of formats (time, effort, concentration, physical activity, …)? Is this an efficient way of spending energy? How great are the returns on our energy investments? Every individual life is sustained by burning energy in the inner world and we need to ensure that enough energy is directed towards that purpose. We need to ensure that we are able to convert enough energy from other sources into the fuel our cells need in order to finalize their daily chores.
Is most of our energy spent in the outside world or in the inner world?
Are the requirements of the inner world all met by our energy investments?
Do our energy investments bring us a beneficial return that can be used for inner purposes?
Are we denying inner energy investment in favour of outer investments?

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