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Economic Structure

  • Every person donates to the community his/her time, dedication, skills and knowledge. The diversity of donations will ensure that every person can be supplied with his/her requirements.

  • Every person is entitled to request the help that is needed. And every person is free to answer such request in the way he/she sees fit.

  • All internal economic activity will consist of the exchanging of gifts. No compensation for any gift will be needed.

  • Within the community there will be no financial structure.

  • Within the community there will be no debt structure, at any level.

  • The community, as an entity, will acquire the outside help, tools and provisions that persons within the community require.

  • All economic activity with the outside world will be conducted as a community, not as individuals.

Judiciary Structure

  • There will be no judiciary system over and above the individuals.

  • All conflict situations will be resolved by persons evaluating and analysing what they themselves can do to alter the situation.

  • No person is judging any other person for his/her words or behaviour.

Education Structure

  • All persons will study the Laws of Nature. Only Nature will be studied, from the universe through to the human being.

  • All children will be educated in the knowledge of the Laws of Nature.

  • There will be no formal school structure. Every child will learn what it is ready to learn, at the time it is ready to absorb the information.

  • Every person will pass on his/her knowledge and understanding of the Laws of Nature to any child that requests his/her input.

  • Children will learn a variety of skills, suited to their abilities, time schedule and learning method.

  • There will be no certification of any sort for any skills or knowledge acquired by a child or adult alike.

Healthcare Structure

  • Every person is responsible for their own health.

  • Every person will learn how to use the mind as the main healing tool.

  • No formal healthcare system will be in place. All diseases are being dealt with by the individual, with guidance of teachers if and when so requested.

  • If outside help is deemed to be needed in very specific circumstances then the community will organize it and take full responsibility for it. Once the care of a specific physical trauma has been handed over to the technical skills of the outside medical world the community will ensure that all care will be provided to the individual in need.

  • Every person will offer advice and assistance when asked for by the individual.

  • There will be no judging of persons with regard to their status of health.

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